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Lake Elsinore Grand Prix Beer

So why you ask, did we create the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix - Elsinore Apricot Ale?

The City of Lake Elsinore is steeped in history having been incorporated in San Diego County in April of 1888, with the addition of Riverside County in 1893 Elsinore became part of the new County that year.

Lake Elsinore has some very significant monuments, such as the Crescent Bath House built in 1887 and the Santa Fe Train Station built in 1896, which each played a significant role in commerce and tourism from the late 1800’s through today. The Santa Fe Train Station has played a significant role in the creation of the new Elsinore Apricot Ale as you will come to understand in the article.

The City of Lake Elsinore has a long history of promoting sporting events that attract enthusiasts from all over the country and the world. The Lake Elsinore Grand Prix is an iconic race that was established in the 1960’s and became famous when the movie “On Any Sunday” was released on July 28, 1971 which documented Steve McQueen and Malcolm Smith racing through our Valley in the Elsinore Grand Prix. Malcolm went on to capture eight (8) Gold Medals during international competitions while Steve McQueen was nominated for 4 Golden Globes and an Oscar. Steve McQueen raced in the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix under the pseudonym of Harvey Mushman. In the 1971 Elsinore Grand Prix, a race through a small mountain-slope town and its surrounding gulches just northeast of San Diego, McQueen was one of 1,500 entrants. As for Harvey Mushman, he started well back in the pack but finally managed to snake; bump and vault his way to 10th place overall, while his friend Malcolm Smith was lapping the field for an easy victory. Every year the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix celebrates with a Harvey Mushman race!

So what better way to weave the history of Lake Elsinore with the iconic Lake Elsinore Grand Prix then to root the decision in the history of the Apricot harvests in the valley with the produce being exported via the Santa Fe Train Station?

Apricots, the nectar of Elsinore as the years have gone by, filled the spring time with fragrant blossoms. As the blossoms fade, the fruit begins to develop and grow into golden fruit. The farmers hired young boys to remove the seeds from the apricots. The fruit was set out into screen bottomed boxes to dry in the warm Elsinore sunshine. When dry, the dried fruit would be put into large bags, loaded on horse-drawn wagons to go to the Santa Fe Train Station parking lot to await the railroad cars that would take them to markets. Customers would eagerly await the fresh fruit to take home and make into wonderful and tasty confections like apricot jelly, apricot jam, apricot pies, and other delicious recipes.

Back in the early 1900’s, Elsinorians had no idea the agricultural product they were raising in their valley was being cultivated around the world. This year, a treat is in store for beer drinkers with the unique flavor of Apricot Ale which has been brewed expressly for the 49th Annual Grand Prix.

With the help of our local Brewery, Craft Brewing Company has created a fragrant and delicious Apricot Ale for your enjoyment. Here’s to keeping history alive in a refreshing way. We hope you enjoy!

Steve McQueen, Mert Lawwill, and Malcolm Smith in Bruce Brown’s–  ‘On Any Sunday’


Lake Elsinore has a reputation for extreme sports and extreme athletes. It started in the 1920’s when Olympic Swimmer and Tarzan Star Johnny Weissmuller would occasionally train here by swimming laps from one side of the Lake to the other…on his way to 5 Olympic Gold Medals spanning two Olympic Games.

Then came the power boat races in the 1930’s.

In the 1950’s when the Lake went dry some brave souls discovered “The Elsinore Effect” a phenomenon that occurs when cool ocean air rushes over the top of the Ortega Mountains only to be pushed skyward by the rising super-heated air from the valley floor. This has made Skylark Airport a jumping off point for sailplanes and gliders. In 1954 the National Soaring completion was held here and in 1959 Skydive Elsinore was born. In 2012 a team from Skydive Elsinore won a Gold Medal in the 5th Annual International Winged suit competition in Hungary.

In the 60’s and 70’s it was all about the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix…

In the 80’s & 90’s “The Godfather of Freestyle Motocross” Mike Metzger honed his skills on his way to “X” Games Gold right here in this Valley. Today Mike owns a successful business here in town.

In the mid 90’s and into the present day we revived the Historic Lake Elsinore Grand Prix, a race that attracts nearly 1000 riders and over 30,000 spectators annually.

In the spring of 2009 we saw the National Jet Boat Association set a world record of 237mph right here in the Completion Channel.

And later that year, AMA Champion and Indy 500 Rookie of the Year Jeff Ward won the Lucas Oil Off Road Truck race in front of a standing room only crowd at LEMS Park while All Star Dodger Outfielder Manny Ramirez hit a solo home run in sold-out Diamond stadium…on the same day at almost the same time!

On January 1, 2010 Travis Pastrana broke a world record when he jumped his rally car 269 feet off the Long Beach Pier onto a floating barge….Travis practiced that jump right here at the Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park.

In the summer of 2012 Brian Deagan brought his rally car here to this parking lot where he practiced for days on his way to securing yet another “X” Games Gold Medal.

This Valley is the birth place of family friendly extreme sports. It’s just one of the things that makes this City special.


Botanical name: Prunus armenicaca which means Armenian plum.

The origin of the apricots are disputed and have been cultivated throughout the world since antiquity. They were well-known in Greece in 60 BC and were transported to Europe by the Greeks who called them “golden eggs of the sun”. Grown on deciduous trees in moderate climates throughout the world, the Apricot is actually a drupe, i.e., the seed is surrounded by fruit like peaches, plums, and nectarines. While they are grown in the United States today, apricot cultivation has spread to all parts of the globe. The major countries raising apricots include Algeria, Armenia, Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Greece, Iran, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Spain, and Turkey.

Health benefits: Apricots may be consumed fresh or dried. Vitamins A and C, along with their antioxidant capabilities, are known for optimal vision, healthy skin and mucous membranes, protect against lung and mouth cancers. Flavonoids, such as lutein, can actually help slow and prevent age-related debilities and macular degeneration.

The pits have their own corner on the market for their bitter oil used in herbal treatment of tumors, swelling, and ulcers.




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